The Anomalous

September 27, 2016
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     Trees dance in an abnormal pattern
Though wind is choreographed
     The eye is fragile
     Lips are never sealed
Though faces are enclosed with discoveries
     Roses are blue 
     Violets are red 
     Life is of many perspectives
Though memories are forgotten  ?
     Clocks have hours?
     Life has its moments?
     Space is not measured in minutes
     Chances run out in seconds
Though time runs towards death
     Youth is a blessing
     Life is a privelage
     Knowledge can be power
     Power is not strength 
     Destiny is a journey
Though freedom is a curse  
     Sounds travel far 
     Light is invincible
     Depth is wisdom
     Lightning is a speciality?
     Its words bring magic?
     Souls thrive with passion?
Though darkness overcasts the need for guidance
     Music is movement
     Dance is a prayer
     Notes are a gift
     Moves are feelings
     Each voice is a master
     One person is a performance
     Together is a new tomorrow
Though colour is not within the depths of art  
     Earth knelt to eternity
     Grief stroke like a feather
     Science overwhelmed the earth 
     Flatness ceased to exist
     Pawns blossomed to queens
     Purpose sank to their feet
     Freedom was out of the question
     Rebellion into revolution
Though the world is still animated into satisfaction 
     Gravity pulls down the weak
     Bones snapped one by one
     Evolution arriving last minute
     Not knowing what is to come
     Force slowly pushed by fascination 
     Reactions tested to perfection
     War broken to centuries
     Shadows brought by light
     Red glaze throughout the air 
Though death is classified as a mercy 
     Happiness comes from relief 
     Sorrow is the language of the brave
     Anger is the need for closure 
     Fear is the sweet sound of the shadows 
     Cuteness is measured by shallow techniques
     Confusion is the path to knowledge 
     Worries tell the meaning of one's life
     Foolishness is the aftermath of the devil 
     But love. 
Love is the connection acquired by the heroes of today 
     Silent prints
of legacys ignored by the ungrateful
     Only one
     Not a lowlife 
     Struggling to exist,
to be found
     Shan't these scripts of reality be unraveled into its abyss?
     Terrestrial captives cannot comprehend
     The Anomalous

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