Suppressed Silence

September 27, 2016
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I am like a deer in a church
Sitting there slyly
Not a soul noticing my presence
Sins are surrounding my head
Infiltrating every crevice
Attempting to fill the silence in the room
I try my finest to be overlooked
Yet someone's beady eyes always fall onto me
Pointing out my differences and sole presence
Taking me in
Icy current flows through my body
Stiffening and solidifying it
I struggle to freeze and suffer in silence
Acting as if I am not there
Until I begin to feel very out of the loop
Then I do what I am best at
I bolt
Running so far that I will never be found
Leaving all of my dirty sins in that room
That makes my head spin too fast to think straight
Leaving behind those people
Who think that they can look at me
And decide that if the life that I am living
Is a colossal disgrace to their world or not
As if it ever even affected them at all

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