Ana's few

September 26, 2016

We are the selected few

the ones who know

we know more than others

they're clueless

they're lost

they don't understand

we see the world

not through our own eyes

but through Ana's 

we gave our eyes up long ago

along with our dignity

our individuality 

and our self esteem

we are not who we used to be

we are liars


never the whole truth




keep them wondering

keep them worrying

let them watch you

waste away

Ana will make their insults feel good

we smile when they call us


"Too thin"





healthy is for the weak

it is not enough for the selected few

the ones who know 

what do we know? 

We know we are dying

We know we are self destructive

we know we are sick

and we know this will have to end

one way or another

but still

we do it

because she'll punish us

she'll force us

to do the BAD THING

evoking lines of scarlet

from our pale and worn flesh

"don't let your mom see"

she says

"you don't want your mom to stop loving you"

I cry because I'm scared 

and Ana comforts me

with the same hand

she hits me with

Ana takes care of us

we all believe that to be true

we've known it

since the day we traded

our sight for hers

for we are Ana's few.

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