where im form

September 26, 2016
By , tituseville, FL

I am from the shag carpet,
From the Clorox and Kroger,
I am from the house on the corner, cute and welcoming,
I am from the ugly green shrubs,
I am from the trips to Florida and the family chest,
From Aunt Amy and Rick and Uncle Mike,
I am from the loudmouths and the gossipers,
From don’t talk back and respect your mother,
I am from the Catholics and Sunday morning church,
I am from Grand Blanc and Czech Republic,
Breakfast casserole and tacos,
From the death of my grandfather,
The birth of my cousins and the constant gossip from Aunt Lori,
I am from the pictures on the wall.
Diamente Poem
Working, doing, enjoying
Up in the east, down in the west
Starry, quiet

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