Memory Poem

September 26, 2016
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My favorite time of time of year

When I finally see the hill
To go down to the place
That to me means the most

A little white cottage
All decorated with flowers
The little wooden swing rocks gently the wind
Right next to the screen door
That holds all the memories in

I am overfilled with the when all of us
Are finally together at last
A year apart is just too long

Down to the beach we go
The water clear as glass
The sand as white as snow
The memories this lake holds
Are the ones I definitely won’t forget

This place has changed me
More than I will ever know

Little white cottage
Thank you for changing me



Where I am from

I am from the picture covered hallways
From Mrs.Meyers cleaning supplies and bath and body work candles

I am from the grey house filled with memories
(brown,happy,and smells like vanilla candles)

I am from the strawberry and tomato plants
I am from Christmas in July and Uno in the basement
I am from Aunt Karen’s crazy dance parties
And Aunt Stacy’s tiny vacuum

I am from sleeping till the last possible second
And always living life to the fullest

From always being close to your brother
And dreaming for the stars

I am from Sr. Mary Anns stories in Religion class
And Church on Thursday mornings

I am from Whales and Germany
Pickles and cheesecake

From Dane vacuuming nats off the living room ceiling
McCall videoing the whole thing

I am from the grey house
With the pictures and memories in the brown chest
I am from the memories and the people in them

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