Eric B.

September 26, 2016
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My item is the baseball
Very round, colorful and kind of old
Its yellowish and brownish
Its white with red stitch round like a sphere

Very hard in has bounce to it
This means a lot to me
It came from a baseball game
Watching the baseball game buying a ball

I am different because i am more into basketball
It represents to be i can try new things
Maybe i can make a difference


My first day at flushing high school
I didn't know a lot of people
I had hard time remembering the hallways
I went down the hallways countless times
Just so i can remember i
Made my schedule my lock screen
For a good two weeks

I was a sophomore but it kinda felt like i was a freshmen
Looking around it was very weird cause my old
High School was way smaller in size than
Flushing high school was maybe the biggest high school
I ever been in  

The school was better though because schools starts
Around 8 am so i didn't have a problem with that
Change at all i got more sleep
It was 30 minutes of more sleep then my old school

Me walking into that school on the first
Day of school i felt pressure like
I never had a chance
To feel before
It felt like
I was starting over from the beginning

I had a few friends there but i had to
Get in the groove so i could
Be more situated
With school even on my
I had walked around the school
To see everything so
I wouldnt be lost 
Then i wouldn't look so slow to
Everyone else

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