First and smallest, Ermis.
Grey and feverish,
He walks faster than the others.
He stays close to the guide at all times,
Never too far from the light.

Next, Luminosa.
Lovely and quick-tempered,
She turns heads everywhere she goes.
Even from here,
We can see just how radiant she is,
But she is too cruel
To keep anyone for long.

Third is the thoughtful Erde.
So humble and generous,
He is often taken advantage of.
Sweet Erde becoming ill,
And only we can cure him.
Take care of him,
For he gives us some of what we need.

Fourth is third’s lesser twin, Guerra.
Underappreciated and overlooked,
No one sees Guerra’s potential.
Man has dreamed of loving Guerra
As much as his twin,
But we will never live to see that day.

Fifth is Enorme.
Angry and unforgiving,
The others cower at his colossal sight.
He is in a constant rage,
But is too prideful to admit
It’s source.

Sixth is Anelli
Anelli is truly indescribable.
She is the source of her predecessor’s
Anger and jealousy
For he will never be as beautiful.
Anyone who sees her is
Instantly in awe.
She is most beautiful of all.

Seventh is Cielo.
Cold and quiet,
She’s far from the guide.
Her peers don’t know her well,
And we’re still debating
Whose side she’s on.

Eighth is Mare.
Frigid yet unique,
She is last in line.
Although she may seem relaxed,
She misses her brother dearly
For he was left behind.
This is her reason for withdrawing;
She does not want to be hurt again.

Forgotten and left out,
The once-loved Ade
Was cast out,
For he was too small,
Too slow.
He could not keep up with
The others in

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