Litany Poem

September 29, 2016
By , royal oak, MI

I come from proper and rich.
Where love and happiness was all about.
Friends and family all around.
Where cheer and joy filled my ears.

I come from average middle class.
Where there wasn’t everything and anything.
Where growing up was a must.
Work and school was it all.

I come from unconventional and poor.
Where money and bills was all.
Working after school was a must.
Where getting through the day was a great thing.

I am casual and well off.
Where laughter fills the house.
Where bills and money was something to think about.
But every day is amazing and wonderful.

I am going to be cheerful and plentiful.
Where warmth and laughter fills my house.
Friends and family at the table.
Where the night will end and all will be well.

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