living in hell

September 29, 2016

Living with you for a day
Was like walking through the burning pits of hell

Each demon slowly dragging me down with you
With each breath i would take would fill my lung with the hatred you had
With all my friends trying to pull me back up on my feet
You had evil in your eyes where those big blue eyes used to be
Walking with you was like going and meeting the devil himself
You would lie and say that you cared
But that was just a cover up of how you really felt
Living with you for one day
Was like  walking through the fire of hell
Everyone warned how it was going to be
And now i know it was just a cover up
This world you live in just was not for me
Some people say you are the devil in disguise
To bring us down under
But with my friends the brought me back up on my feet
Now why you are deep down in fire ball of hatred
I walk with the one true king

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