September 29, 2016
By Anonymous

Swing and slash throught smashing glass 

But i still cant breathe 

I try not to see the dark reality thats in front of me 

The swing and slash of all the breaking glass that has just dropped befor me 

Like a path of grass the broken glass falls at my feet 

Im breaking free finally to be who i want to be 

Not to escape this life its all fake its all man made 

You can never escape

Even though you swing and slash you can never break all the glass

Its like grall infinare

When you breakthe glass it just grows back

A warphole you can not control

But still you swing and slash trying to escape the glass

You can try to fight but still the glass breaks to fast

for you see you are doomed to be here for eternity

Swing and slash as the glassis cracking

Back into a deep deep sleep. 

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