September 29, 2016
By zeppelica BRONZE, Royal Oak, Michigan
zeppelica BRONZE, Royal Oak, Michigan
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Heartbreak isn’t always
A disappointing date, or
Late replies
Heartbreak isn’t always
Ice cream, tears
And reality shows
Heartbreak isn’t always
schoolgirl crushes or
Broken bones
He said this and
She did that
It isn’t always so simple.
Sometimes heartbreak is
15 missed calls
Sometimes, it’s wondering
How you can fix this
It’s wondering where you went wrong
You tried so hard but
There’s only so much you can do
Sometimes it’s the last person you’d expect
But sometimes you just feel it
You hope it’s not him
But your little heart knows
Heartbreak isn’t always
The end of a summer love
You painted flowers in your heart
Only to have them soaked in bleach
Sometimes you’ll come home with
A paper that says “daddy daughter dance”
Only to find it in the trash that night
And that’s something not everyone understands
Your first heartbreak isn’t always
The boy from sixth grade
Sometimes, it’s your father that leaves
The very first scar.

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