Beautiful Lies

September 29, 2016
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A spiderweb,
Glistening in the morning dew
So beautiful is it really
What nature has to offer us daily

The spider spins,
A happy tune
As I watch transfixed
At the beauty of Mother nature.

The wind blows gently,
Caressing my face
In the cool autumn morn.

Yet the web shakes,
A ship in a storm.
The spider struggles,
A captain in turmoil.

I am the spider
Trying to create,
Trying to build.

My beautiful masterpiece,
My silken smiles.
The fragility of my barrier,
Against the brashness of the real world’s storm.

The wind whispers,
The gale shouts.
They try to tear it down,
My spiderweb of beautiful lies.

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