Where I'm From

September 28, 2016
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I am from Church and Temple,
from Matzah Ball soup and Christmas Eve dinner.
I am from the heat and warmth that comes from a summer campfire,
from a family where love is always welcomed and admired.
(It felt irresistible and calm
And welcoming).
I am from screaming cats and dogs,
They are talkative and loud,
and I can’t take an earful from one for awhile.

I’m from icing and cupcakes,
From Pillsbury and duncan hines.
I’m from Dragon Tales,  American girl dolls, and Barbies,
from pretend house and disney movies.
I’m from the self-centered
And the self-less.
From I want! And I need!
I’m from two houses,
One that has piles of greed
And the other that has a heart of gold.

I’m from Urban and shopping malls,
expensive Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior too.
From the Diva’s who cry if daddy says no,
to the girl whose daddy takes it all
even her Chanel shoes.

Under my bed was a big box,
Overflowing memories,
A door of lost tales
To hide behind the old me.
I am from those shadows in the darkness--
Discovered a flashlight to find my way--
Through the darkness of lost tales,
And to the light to shine through my family tree.

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