The Rush

September 28, 2016

We race around
Flying fast
For work
Love ones
And numerous others
Reasons Good and Sound


We run and run
To escape
To be on time
To ignore


You’d think we’d be gone tomorrow
With all our rush, rush, rushing
We run and run and run
Finding more and more reasons to do so


Piling high, the stress, the need, the anxiety
Those outside say slow down
We shrug them off
Saying they know nothing


Slow down they say
Trying to help
It doesn’t matter
With ears plugged tight


Emotional ups and downs
We rush faster
We’re fine we say
They wrong, we can handle this


Slow down
Enjoy life
See the sights
Breathe in the moment


But things need to be done
All by ourselves?
We need to learn
We need to learn


We rush
Work before play
And create mile long to-do list
Those who say Slow down, seem to rush as well


We need to learn
To enjoy life
To ask for help
To balance work and play


We need to learn
How not to create more work for ourselves?
How to trust others and let them in
We need to rush, yes but also slow down when needed

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