Never Ask Out a Girl's Boyfriend

September 26, 2016

It was lunch time me and kaylie was walking round
The school so then we saw a cute boy and he was hanging with his girlfriend the then kaylie said “ I dare
You to go ask him out “ and I said “ as you can see that”
He has a girlfriend” then she gave me crazy eyes.

She said “ I don’t care I dared you to go do it so go
Do it “ and then his girlfriend walk away so I walk to
Him and when I got to there he gave me a big smile
And so I gave him a smile back then I said “ my name
Willnette “ and he said “my name is james” then the
Words came out “ will go out with me” and took a breath

Then he gave me weirdo look on his face then he said
“ no I have a girlfriend and you and your friend I saw you
Watching me” then his girlfriend can back with a mean
Look on her face then she started yell at me and my friend
Then she started to say some hurtful to me and my friend
After that I told what really happend and man she felt so bad  for what she said to us so we all said “sorry” to each
Other then all walk away and we never talk again but a
Week after they broke up because he had a crush on
Me and he ask me out and I said “ no” so still this forward
I won’t ask any more boys who has a girlfriend who are cool.

And what I learn from this problem is to never ask out another girl boyfriend on less you want to get beat up
Or yelled at and don’t listen to your friends because it
Just leads to trouble and will make you some things that
You really don’t want to like that so don’t be like me I will never want to do that ever again so that what I learned.

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