Live, Sing, Stand

September 28, 2016
By Pottedpancakes GOLD, Anchorage, Alaska
Pottedpancakes GOLD, Anchorage, Alaska
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Favorite Quote:
If you can't find kindness in the world, be the kindness -Delinda Witman

Sitting Still
Never moving
Stuck in place
Never stirring


Waiting, tired
Never leaving
Patience; bored
Never singing


Better move on
Never stay still
Stuck in a rut
Never give up


Fight your way
Never stop
Be your own
Never conform


Out of patience
Never moving
Done with waiting
Never stirring


Tired waiting
Never trying
Let’s start moving
Never stay still


Sing out, sing loud
Don’t ever stop
Be you, be proud
Don’t be put down


We moving forward
Don’t stop again
Out of this rut

You’re alive
You are living

Life is hard
Times get rough

Don’t lie down

Give up
Don’t be put down
Never conform

The author's comments:

Be yourself and always sing it proud. Life is difficult and people leave but don’t get stuck in everyday routine. Live to the fullest

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