September 28, 2016
By , Paragould, AR

                                  when I go asleep

                                   I like to dream

                                 about pretty things


                            Dragon's roaring in the sky

                            Ponies galloping on the wall

                                  I dream them all

                                     I Really do



                                Sometimes I wander

                     Alone on a whispy night in my dreams

                     Just waiting for something to eat me



                    then I wake up from my scary dream

           and wonder what would happen if the thing ate me


    Of course it's not a easy thing to wake from your dreams 

                                and once you do

                            there's no turning back

                                 at least for me 

                             so I stay in my dreams

                                 even in reality



                                 once in a whle

         I ask my mom why dont ever one stay in their dreams

                    even thou they make one happy


                    My mom replay's with a soft sigh

                          I don't know, my son

                   so I ask my ferinds to stay in their dreams

                        even thou they don't hear me 


                           now I ask you too

                          stay in your dreams

       for in the end they'll be the only thing you'll belive

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