Today was ok

September 28, 2016
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Today was ok,

Ok it is all.

Day to day the same as the one before

As i have sayed it was ok.

I talk to my friends, I walk to my class.

Here we are math at least.

math is over, we learnded about numbers.

With the same excet friends the next class we venture.

What is the point of all of this ?

The week have pasted, the day change; yet we do the same thing.

We laugh , we play; am I the only one that noticed we did that yesterday ?

We talk about classes and boys.

Then its time to leave the noise.

finally at home i get my phone.

I paly the same games then look at my feed.

The likes , the commots, the shares of course.

Night has come I watch tv for an hour.

pulling the plug I go take a shower.

With my hair still wet I go to bed.

I wake up the next day because my dreams are dead to start yesterday all over.

today was ok ok is it all

Day to day the same as the one before.

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