Introverted Fears

September 25, 2016
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what if one day
after breaking out of my shell
I write too much and say too much
exposing everything inside of me
with naked ink scrawls on scraps of paper
in loose conversations of shedded soul
I’ll desperately grasp chunks of self from my core
and thrust them in the faces of passersby
bits and pieces of me will float in the universe and
shrivel up
and then when I peer within myself for inspiration
there will be nothing left
no secrets
no feelings
I will look to the outside and try to fill the gaping new voids
filling a sieve with sand like Montag
I will lose my way
looking so intently for new experiences that I’ll miss out on every opportunity to grow 
then I’ll melt into a mold I don’t fit into
and disappear
perhaps my greatest fear is to merely exist in this world
while screaming on the inside for
I don’t know
I’d just be screaming
another body
a vessel of flesh
I’d be nothing

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