New Life in America

September 24, 2016
By Anonymous

The world that I was familiar with was no more as it turned dark cold blue.
My frustration was as red as my cheeks when I could not understand.
The confusion I had was as black as the alphabets for I had no clue.
White emptiness was sitting next to me instead of a friend.
My suffocating depression was as grey as the nebulous world in my tearful eyes.
The world turned completely black when I turned my back to the reality.
Then, a hand reached my shoulders, and I saw the shining yellow lights.
Suddenly my surroundings were turning back to their normal colors.

The author's comments:

Explanation of the free verse poem:
Dark blue: how I see this country in the beginning. This country is different from my native country, and I felt helpless and alone.
Red: my frustration.
Black: confusion and the way I viewed the world (I felt hopeless at the time, not just helpless. When I first came, I had a hard time learning English)
White: emptiness
Grey: depression (I felt isolated and lonely)
Yellow: Hope (My tutor, my mom, and my friends changed my view and gave me hope. So, the hand is actually the help that I received from them)

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