Same Old World

September 24, 2016
By Corinthia BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
Corinthia BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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I was just reclining at the beach on a sunny day,

And in the heat of the moment, in the safety of sound,

My friend and I found common ground,

Laughing about a punch line that she knew would astound me.


On the bus ride home, when I thought I was alone

In finding the joke’s hilarity,

A stranger shared the exact same punch like with me

And as we had a good laugh, I couldn’t help but draft

The tidal wave of familiarity I felt coming over me.


It’s so painfully strange, so acutely funny,

How in this changing world, the same knowledge is money

I can be the same old girl wearing different hats

Around different people in different worlds.


And say that each person I come across; say those people

Share my interest in lopsided smiles and flip-flops, well:

I consider our happiness equal.

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