Life of an Invisible Man

September 24, 2016
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I wanted a good life.

With lifelong friends,
With a family and job,
A happy ending.
I thought I deserved it.
But I just didn’t get it.
I did nothing wrong,
I swear.
I used to dream
That on my graduation,
My parents would hug me,
My professors would congratulate me,
My friends happy.
I used to dream
That the day I got a job,
My parents would call me
To say I love you,
My friends and I would have a party.
I used to dream
That on my wedding,
My parents would cry,
My friends cheering,
My bride happy.
I used to dream
That at my funeral,
My friends would cry,
My children would sob,
My wife would weep,
But alas, that never happened.
But alas,
Now I confess
To my mirrored reflection,
One minute before my death,
The life of an invisible man.

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