A Note To All Astronauts

September 23, 2016
By L_Barbu3300 SILVER, Purchase, New York
L_Barbu3300 SILVER, Purchase, New York
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I'm heading straight for the unknown, down a wormhole of curiosity; but the distance and strides that I gradually achieve make it worth it. Even if something goes wrong, and I become the next Apollo 13, I will learn from it.  No matter how catastrophic things may go, one thing may go right. I will try again and again. There may be a couple methods involved in finding a solution. Attempting to find the answer that will assist me in reaching my destination. I may pass upon a mirage of vibrant clouds, as gaudy as a rainbow but swirled into one, with flashes of sparkles and hopes only present in dreams. Is this a nebula or just clouds judging and laughing at me? Despite laws of nature, not even gravity can hold me down. I will break the scientific barrier in the quest for a prominent and radiant future. No matter how peculiar the choices I make may be, they may allow me to soar past the exotic planets of a galaxy and past the long rings of Saturn through the glossy and glittery tail of a comet itself. I will find the most precious gem in all of outer space and bring it to everyone's sight. It will be so bright, even the sun will be jealous.

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