September 22, 2016

Fragility in my sanity
Hostility in my voice
This possibility of breaking
I seem to have no choice

Insanity sleeping in my bed,
Your body no longer lies in my head
We’re slipping down this rabbit hole
To infinite inconsistency

I feel this
Susceptibility in my durability
I’m drowning down down down down down
I’m dizzy with death
I’m dropping to the ground
Disgusted with you
Your drooping doomed death
This delirium of departing
I think i’ve said enough

To feel such pain is to feel such love
To feel your rain is to feel your shove
I’m sick of your puzzles I’m sick of your blood
Pouring down my wrists in a timeless flood.
I need to get out I need to escape
I need to feel your breath on my face
This is inconsistency
I’m critically
In your resistant

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