September 22, 2016

The most commonly used sense is also the least relied on sense to tell that something really exists
To Feel
And I’m not just talking about the tips of your fingers
But the feeling in your heart and how that feeling lingers
To Feel
When your mamas cooking food you only know when you can taste it.
And your daddy’s only working when you can hear him paste it.
But the prospect portrayed perpetually by are parliamentary government is that something only exists when you can taste, see, smell, or hear it, but not feel it.
When a man see’s a woman his initial reaction is not on what he feels but what he see’s
He can smell the light perfume as he drops down on one knee.
He can hear a soothing voice but does not know from who.
And he can taste the cherry lip gloss after he says “I do” But what does he feel?
The totality of our feeling has been typically and terribly tyrannized leaving us helpless to determine what is wrong and what is good, what is left and what is right, what is far and what is near.
Cause we can’t tell anymore.
To Feel
To Feel

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