Nobody Knows

September 22, 2016
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"What do you know?" I ask.

      Why can't I stay on task?

I ask for help in my darkest hour,

      but fail in my quest for power.


Nobody knows how much I hurt,

      I try to bury it in the dirt.

Nobody knows how much I cost him,

      nobody knows how much he cared.


Nobody knows how much I liked him,

      nobody sees my underlying pain.

Nobody knows that he's the greatest guy,

      nobody knows he's my diamond in the rough.


I can't even look him in the eye,

      for fear of the damage I have caused there.

It hurts so much to know this,

      this pain that can never go away.


He was the only one that saw right through me,

      right through my everyday charade.

He was the Joker to my Harley,

      the stars to my night sky.


Nobody knows how happy he made me,

      nobody sees the simplest of things.

Nobody notices my fake smile,

      my all-time game charade.


Nobody knows how good he can be,

      because of his past,

      they don't see the real him.

Nobody knows his other side,

      they don't care to look

      at all the pages in his book.


I dared to look and found someone,

      someone who understood.

Nobody knows how far I fell,

      way deep down into the hounds of hell,

      when I found myself unable to talk,

      unable to say how sorry I am.


I feel like its my mistake,

      all the risks I was willing to take.

Nobody knows how special to me he was,

      nobody thought to ask,

      to ask him for an explanation.


Nobody knows how close we were,

      only now at the greatest distance.

I still remember the day he asked,

      the times when we could talk.

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