Let us create a world where no one gets hurt

September 22, 2016
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Let us create a world where no one gets hurt,
Let us create a world where we walk hand in hand,
No greed, no bloodshed, no death, no pain,
Not separated in hatred but together we stand,
We stand strong and tall,
Don't have to prove our worth with violence,
No one shall fall,
I say take me to this world,
Take me there where the wild lilies grow,
Where young branches sprout on trees hanging low,
Where all of us love,
Where human beings are human,
Take me that world.....
Who will take me to that world, no one,
Because here is what there is,
So let's join hands in hope and in faith
For it is we who will create this world
Miracles do happen
But we make them happen
So let us together create the world we want to live in..........

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