The World is a Queer Place

September 21, 2016
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The world is a queer place

People move
They share their stories
And people applaud
Like hardship
Is to be celebrated

We put dust on our face
And smudge black on our eyelids
“Oh, you look pretty today.”
How strange

We ring brass against brass
To warn of many things
Invaders are coming
Sunday, the day of Jesus Christ

We put glass to our eyelids
To see from afar
For what?

Little metal fingers
Tell us when it's time
To leave to a building
To read papers
Send emails
Take phone calls
And get paid

We take the fur of another creature
And put it on our backs
To warm us

We make colors out of eggs
And splash them on trees
And praise it

People do strange things
When they're afraid
They use tiny metal weapons
To kill people
They make fear grow

Men sit in chairs
And argue and yell
It's words, all words
Heroes, people say
Because their words
Sound pretty

We make symbols
And they make us cry
And laugh
How odd
How we hallucinate
Staring at paper

We find creative ways
Just to kill ourselves
Inhaling intoxicating plants
And wrapping ropes
Around our necks

Wars are fought
Over screens
Or with guns
We make things
Just to kill more people

The world is a queer place

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