I Know Your Birthday

September 21, 2016

I know your birthday,
Your favorite color,
The way you like to sit on the couch,
And why you stopped playing the sport you’ve played for years and years.
I know how to make you laugh,
What makes you jealous,
And why your nickname is what it is
Even though your real name hardly correlates with it.
I know your pet peeves,
The sound of your laugh,
The way your mouth moves when you smile,
And what it feels like to be in your arms.
I know how your mouth tastes
And how to make you mad.
I know your friends,
what you want to be when you get older,
All the tricks up your sleeve,
And your insecurities too.
But as of today,
I don’t know you.
I don't know what strange incident has happened to you in class today
Or how practice went
Or if you ever got the job you always wanted.
And you’ll never know that I lied when you asked me if I ever wrote about you.
Funny how someone I once knew everything about is someone I don’t even know anymore.
It’s only so long before all you have to write about a person is the memories you have with them,
But luckily for you,
I’m a writer;
And I’ll twist and mold every intricate detail of your person
and attempt to encapsulate the very essence of your presence in every writing that flows from my head to these computer keys
In hopes of keeping you alive in the pages of my notebook
So that you can live eternally in my memories.

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