Battle Scars

September 21, 2016
By , milwaukee, WI

She isn't perfect, and she knows that.
She has heard all the things he has said, all the times he called her fat.
She takes and drags the blade over her wrist, she has battle scars.
She longs to disappear and become one with the angels and stars.
There is something about her, something she holds tightly to.
She is lost in the sea of emotions, no idea what to do.

She is a warrior in this world of endless battles; she is on the losing end.
To many injuries all at once to make them mend.
She is winning the battles with scars, but losing the war.
She has been tryin so hard, but what is left to fight for?..
She is on the verge of sayin goodbye to all and giving into the battle scars.
She finds her sanctuary to be hidden in the stars.

This is it, she knows what to do.
She will no longer be around, no one will wonder except one or two.
She takes her razor and she draws a map to the stars.
No one has ever seen her battle scars.
This is the end of hiding behind a smile, when all she wanna do is cry.
She has been dealing with the battles for too long, she longs to die.

She loses the war before anyone even realizes she was fighting one.
They always wonder, why? Why had she did what she done?
Well, here is why..
No one noticed the pain, no one seen her cry.
No one cared enough to ask her if she was okay, so she faked a smile.
No one even went an extra mile.

She took away what you have no right to claim.
She doesn't want you to take the blame..
The choice is what she made, and she will forever lay in the ground. 
She never told you about her battle scars, she never even made a sound.
She longed, no, pleaded, with you, begged you to see.
But you couldn't even look close enough to see, that girl was me...

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