Growing up

September 21, 2016
By Lindseybr SILVER, Macarthur, West Virginia
Lindseybr SILVER, Macarthur, West Virginia
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Without music life would be a mistake

Slow down and smile.

Take a few steps back and open your eyes.

This is beautiful, so don't just let it slip by. 

Slow down and step back, take it all in. 

Don't be in such a hurry for the end to begin. 


These last sat years have flown by.

It seems like only yesterday we were waving goodbye through the bus window. 

From pre-k until now, entering my senior year of high school, I hope I have have done nothing but make you proud. 


Starting soon I will begin again. 

Only then as a college freshman. 

I will embark on new and scary adventures, going out into this world for the first time on my own. 

I may not be all that far from home, but I will still be worlds away in your eyes. 


I will spread my wing

I will learn to fly

I will taste just what reality is..

watching as everything I knew slips away. 

As as this new chapter begins the previous one shall end.

It will all disappear as I learn that now it isn't all handed to me like I have known it to be...

Life is not going to be as easy as it has appeared. 


But out from now until then I hope that you will see me. 

See that no matter where I may go, no matter who I may be..

I will always be the little girl you see me as..

I will always be that little girl you want me to be..


I'm growing up now, but only for a little while.. 

I will always need my daddy to make me smile..

So do not worry, I won't be gone long.. 

Just long enough to stand on my own to feet and see what life is about..

Ill be home soon.. 

So slow down..


Dont be in such a hurry for the end to begin...


As one door closes, another will open. 

This door opens up to a whole new world...

Love and Hate

Strength and weakness

Courage and fear..

But don't worry.. 

You've taught me well, I'll be alright..

Im growing up..  

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