Entropy Fan

September 19, 2016

I am an entropy fan
entropy is the idea that in nature
all of the systems that make up the universe
are in a slow perpetual state of collapse
I am not a nihilist and I am not a cynic
because I am genuinely comforted by this
make no mistake I am aware of the
pointlessness of the whole thing but it does not depress me
it keeps me warm at night
the idea that all of this is slowly
collapsing in on itself, a sort of
perpetual implosion
It’s good to know
that it’s not just me
it’s sad perhaps to think of those I love
in the future
but the collapse will take some time, so not too sad,
and when it happens we won’t even notice, we’ll be tweeting
or texting, or checking our status and we won’t see it happen,
the last moments of our world will be caught on Vine
six seconds, gone, it lends perspective
I’m an entropy fan

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