Where I am From

September 19, 2016
By , Hartland, WI

I am from a house

cars driving in and out.
I am from “what are you doing”
and screaming in the house.
I am from boredom,
from sitting in my room when I get home.
From trying to avoid
but not able to.

I wish I came from a mansion...
with massive rooms and a basketball court.
A house on the beach
so I can play in the ocean and on the sand.
I wish I came from a peaceful house
where you watch the creamsicle sunset...
and hearing crickets at night.
I wish I came from a house where it’s
just myself.

I’m from wanting more,
when I have it all.
From wanting this and that,
basketball courts and movie theaters.
I’m from a place
that made who I am today.
I’m from a home
with people who love me.
It made me who I am today.

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