Where I'm From

September 19, 2016

I am from a house down a narrow, windy road,
with trees covering the sky like a cave.
I am from a home the same age as Mom,
from brown paint that chipped away.
I am from the scenic, swampy channel
with a grassy, island- covered with trees.
I am from carpet and tile the color of grass,
from a banister decorated for holidays.
I am from goose bumps in the morning getting ready for school,
from Mom’s reminder to have a “Marvelous Monday, Terrific Tuesday…”
I am from daily car rides to school
with Dad and singing along to our favorite Eminem hits.
I am from fighting with my sister over who gets shotgun,
from running to grab the mail after school.
I am from begging to stop at Culver’s
with checking the flavor of the day and placing a hot order of cheese curds.

I am from looking up at my younger sister,
from standing on tiptoes to be eye level.
I am from not light, but not dark, blue eyes like my sister’s
with two diamonds in each ear.
I am from summer days making tan skin,
from burning bright red cheeks from the sun.

I am from a house made a home from memories,
that have chipped away in my mind overtime.
I am from Halloween celebrations, Christmas parties,
decorations and dressing up.
I am from a home down a quiet road,
with trees that cover the sun like a cave.

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