Where I'm From

September 19, 2016
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Waking up with the sun for car rides to games,
practices ending well after the sun went down,
and smelly, soccer socks.
(Blasting “I Gotta a Feeling” while driving home, screaming the lyrics with Dad)
Miles and miles of bike rides and sweaty runs,
leaving me exhausted yet proud.
Hard work and dedication,
are where I’m from.

A family of eight, my best friends.
“Are you guys twins?” and “Wow, you look like your sisters.”
Thanksgivings filled with laughter,
chaotic Christmas mornings.
(Frantically searching for our gifts under the tree, excitedly tearing off the wrapping paper)
Sunday morning church,
and Sunday night football—
shouting and screaming, cheering for our favorite team.
Family and faith,
are where I’m from.

A drawer of candy,
a pantry of snacks,
constantly sneaking them before dinner when Mom turned her back.
My favorite spaghetti dinners and garlic bread
(warm and buttery, tasting delicious)
Milkshakes by Dad,
and cupcakes by Mom,
waiting for us after stressful days at school.
Sweets and kindness,
are where I’m from.

Advice when I’m lost,
strength when I’m weak.
“You can do anything you set your mind to” and “Believing in yourself is the first step.”
Friends who turned into family,
and neighborhood trips to Alabama beaches,
(the scorching sun leaving me freckled and red).
Tears and laughter,
jokes and nicknames— Libs, Lib, and Libby Lou
Love and compassion,
are where I’m from.

Where I am from,
is leading me to where I am going.

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