Where I'm From

September 19, 2016

I’m from the small town I grew up in,

the never-ending nights with close friends,
hours having fun.
I’m from knowing the neighbors on my street,
and being friends with people at my school.
I’m from riding my bike around town,
when I couldn't drive.

I’m from the large family in a messy house,
oldest of four kids.
I’m from the annoying little sisters,
from the bickering in the back seat.
I’m from having a superb time playing
kickball in the backyard.
Getting grass stains on old tee-shirts,
and soaking wet when it rained.

I’m from walks on our street after dinner.
I’m from walking the dog at the crack of dawn before school.
I’m from sports practice after school till dark.
I’m from a loving family.
I’m from a small town.

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