I Am From

September 19, 2016
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Where crashing waves roll up on the sand,
I find myself holding her hand

Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry,
all I could hear is the “goodbye”

I have one sister, we laugh and we joke,
the drink is called Diet Cherry Coke

From family to friends I love them enough,
I’m five feet tall, “Wow, it’s rough”

Getting older the sports disappear,
at least I listen to The Coast is Clear

It melts in my hand, it’s called Blue Moon,
the taste can make you go Ka-Boom

Karrie cooking magic in the kitchen,
baking runs in the family, I love to pitch in

Sirens out in the distance I hear,
John is on his way, help is near

Leaves fall from the tree,
allergic, yes, with buzzing bees

The waves have hit at least I’m inside,
family is close, take it with pride

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