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September 19, 2016
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I’m from the pond and the Oak trees forming a

straight line behind my house.
From my patio, I sit and watch the foreful storms with lightning striking
every 30 seconds and the rain pouring like bullets.

I’m from the vegetable garden in the center of my yard, the green peapods
and orange carrots growing briskly as we have to pick them every two weeks.
I’m from the trampoline resisting 100 mph
wind storms and blizzards.

I’m from the messy kitchen left dirty since last night’s dinner, with plates scattered and lemonade still in glasses on the table, untouched.   
I’m from the colorful, rough and bumpy pieces of
art hanging on the wall.
I’m from living room, with the T.V on full volume
playing Criminal Minds.

I’m from my room, staying up late, doing my math and chemistry homework exhausted,  droopy.
I’m from my mom’s side of the family as we sit down together
and watching Elf on Christmas.

From our family taking trips to Italy and going to countries like Rome and Bari,
as we visit new coffee shops like La Casa Del Caffè Tazza D'oro.
From having lake days on Nagawicka lake, sitting and relaxing as
we soak up the sun on a hot scorching day.

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