Where I'm From

September 19, 2016

I’m from the one story house on Walnut Grove Drive.

I’m from the yellow slide in the backyard and knee high grass field beyond that.
I’m from neighbors playing four square in the road.

I’m from a 19 foot Sea Ray, I grew up in.
I’m from the grimy pink doll I took to daycare, to church and to the store.
I’m from Prancer, Pouncer, and pounds of fish.

I’m from Mom’s family of 24 and Dad’s family of 12 and my family of 4.
I’m from cousins wrestling at Christmas and 12 days of Christmas with my extended family.
I’m from the smell of raspberry pie in Grandma's oven.

I’m from daily pool volleyball games on our yearly spring break trip to Mexico.
I’m from family pictures from summer vacations above the television.
I’m from “Pushing the Limit” and working diligently in school.

I’m from church on Sunday mornings and religious ed on Wednesday Night.
I’m from Dad who hunts and Mom who bakes.
I’m from Walnut Grove Drive and subdivision parties on the street.

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