Where I'm From

September 19, 2016

I am from second grade
and the off-tune, yet wholehearted sound of singing
to a familiar Canadian song of soldiers going to war.

I am from Colorado
and musical ice-cream trucks on scorching summer days
waiting impatiently in line until I felt the sweetness on my tongue.

I am from cheery celebration
and the exploding red and blue sparks of fireworks around charismatic relatives
lighting up the starry, midnight sky on New Year’s.

I am from April Fool’s Day
and a juicy, sweet red strawberry given to an unknowing mom...
filled with the sharp, sour taste of Pixy Stix.

I am from mellow music
and memories and moving—
the motto “may happiness always come your way.”

I am from Remembrance Day
and walking down the aisle with hundreds of second grade eyes on me
with a wreath for the fallen Canadian soldiers.

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