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Pirouettes of brain cells

Spiral down the drain

My emotions in a ponytail;

Pulled back to keep me sane.

Stretched across nerve endings

Tightly bound with a string--


All it takes now

Is another swig of familarity

From another earful

Of your pain.

It sweetens my life up,

It puts sugar in my veins.


Bare legs swing across 

Air of a balcony;

Full of dirt but clean of boundaries--

Like all those nights in the kitchen

When your hands would find my body

I've failed to forget that 

You liked to send me reeling.


Back to when I

Tried to be Atlas;

Accepting blame from the world

You put on my shoulders--

Fed from the b******* lines

You pulled out of your a**

To keep me loving you

The same as when 

I was little;


The same as when 

All the world was 

Was you.

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