Maybe Tonight

September 18, 2016
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I have things-


That I must tell you.


They run numbly through my head,

And they make my heart hurt

So tenderly.

They remind me of a different day.


Tonight... I will turn out

Those burning lights.

I'll look out the rain-splattered window

And jump out-



The world outside of this one,

That's where I'll go.

The place full of something I've lost.


I have feelings

That I think you could understand,

But how do I say them?

How do I convey them?


Tonight... I will run,

And I will hurt when I laugh.

And maybe tonight

I will feel alright.


I wanted this to rhyme

And I wanted my life to fit right

Into the rhythm of this world.

You understand this.


Maybe tonight I will tell you

That I feel so many things.

And I will take these feelings,

And I will find a way to stretch and whirl

Them into spoken truth.


Maybe tonight,

I'll find a way.

I'll run away, always away-

Towards my own awaiting arms

Somewhere far off in the night.

But before I go, I will ask you,

So softly:

"Will you come with me?"


And you, friend, will say:

"I will."

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