Choking on Greed

September 18, 2016

Exposed to the tainted air
Makes lungs burn like coal
An earnest warning to beware
Infection of a blackened soul


Forgot caveats and breathed deeper
Choke on grey cloud symphony
Be cautious of Grim Reaper
Holds scythe but no sympathy


Feel good for a while
Inhale mere delusion of success
Still crack a crooked smile
Until the absence causes distress


When heart starts beating faster
Figure something is incredibly wrong
At sight of the predator
Can’t go without very long


It will boil the blood
Don’t claim it’s an art
Melts the mind to mud
And it hardens the heart

Cough up all the money
It hurts but won’t quit
Until all pockets are heavy
Who knew paper was toxic?


Gold gravestone with silver dove
And carved line to read
Dedicated in the memory of
Victim who choked on greed

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