The same within

September 17, 2016
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We are people inside and out

But treated differently which will never count
I sometimes wonder why am I so puzzled
We bleed the same within
Same color of our bones within
And when our time is out we'll look the same

People from years ago made a difference that a
World like this will never exist, but yet again
It turned out to be the complete opposite
We are the same within racial killings from all over cities
Are still being committed , things will never be the same
We have bullies going against the weak, it should never be
A problem because we are the same within.

Why live through this if we only have a chance to live
History was created when we all came together
History became history when we came together to
Make a difference, we are human beings
Some may forget, killing eachother just for the hell of it
Lowering our numbers as we speak, making national news
This is not the place to be.

What kind of example would this be to our youth
Where's the positivity, where's our future plans
This is all deteriorating. Crimes on crimes but there's no change
Families losing members just to the streets
For what reason, but no one will speak
Violence is never the answer let's make a change

Society paints this picture how they want us to be
Brainwash our minds until their weak,
Kids not being kids
Kids despite playing on the playground
Rather hold a gun for fun,
Babies having babies but yet so young
Can't provide because they wanted to live their life,

We're losing control of what's a possibility
If we don't stop it now, where would we be
We can't let opinions from others create our world
As humans for so long we have the power in our hands
To change what's wrong.

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