Dear grandma

September 17, 2016
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Dear Grandma,
I wish you were here with me
remembering the hot rice porridge you made for me
missing the smell of Buddhist candle diffusing

I know that I cannot see you anymore
feel sorry everytime you cried for your husband in North Korea
I guess you felt the same feeling when you realized that the border is blocking you two

I still don't understand why, same Koreans, should fight
Hate and anger towards each other

I remember you teaching me to love them
Because you knew that we were all suppose to love each other

I know you miss your son, who was shot by head during the war
and your daugher, who was raped and mercilessly killed by the soldiers.

I know you cried every second, as your wrinkles on your face told me
But you never cried infront me, because you knew that there is hope and that there is a reason of life.
Dear grandma, I still miss you
But I will trust that you are up there,
drinking coffee with your children and friends,
like if life was suppose to end like a happy story.

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