Theodore Thatch

September 16, 2016
By Beaaaan BRONZE, Lapeer, Michigan
Beaaaan BRONZE, Lapeer, Michigan
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Theodore Thatch

was quite the catch

who always knew 

what to do.

He could talk,

and jibe,

and smile for you,

but he also did

 bad things too.



despite his sweet smile,

thought and did things 

that were ever so vile.



Thedore liked

for things to go 

his way,

even it meant

some bodies were sent

to the bottom of the lake

to decay.


No competition,

no sweat,

all breaks,

Theodore Thatch,

quite the catch,

was also quite a mistake. 

The author's comments:

Generally, I'm not a poetry lover, but I had to publish this for my creative writing class, and I had a lot of fun coming up with it. Disclaimer: sorry to anyone named Theodore Thatch. Hopefully this isn't about you. 

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