Hey Mister Governor

September 16, 2016
By , lapeer, MI

Hey Mister Governor

Our state is falling apart

The farm fields are not growing

And an uprisings about to start

Hey Mister Governor

There's lead in all our pipes

The food is far too pricy

And too many live in strife

Hey Mister Governor

The teachers aren't being paid

Dads are leaving families

And no one wants to stay

Hey Mister Governor

Were all out of jobs

The masses, they aren't working

Its making us want to sob

Hey Mister Governor

The industrial wheels wont crank

Detroit is falling over

And there’s no money in the bank

Hey Mister Governor

The kids are’nt being taught

Were all quite miserable here

And there’s no more room for thought.

Maybe I should leave

For new york or LA

Or maybe i'll hop the border

Canada is an awesome place today

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