"Ode To Coffee Flavored Ice Cream"

September 16, 2016

My mouth waters as you give yourself over,

to my hands.
I spoon you into my waiting mouth,
too eager to wait.
My mouth explodes with savory sweetness,
every time you touch my tongue.
Each bite carries a hint of heaven.
Your almond skin,
beaded with a shimmering coat of perspiration,
begins to sweat,
in the summer heat.
My brain is screaming, and burns from your icy emotions,
but my taste buds plead and beg like a starving nation,
for at least another drop.
I give in,
unable to fight anymore,
and close my eyes in coffee-flavored comfort.
But then I look into my bowl,
and notice my ice cream’s all gone,
and the foundation of my waiting,
builds for next time.

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