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September 16, 2016
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I am from the house with the plum colored door,
with balsa wood and books strewn across the kitchen table,
from Thomas the Tank Engine and Barbie dolls.
I am from Disney Princesses and nighttime stories
that now sit on the shelves crammed with  a million other books,

I am from the rumble of Car Shows and the roar of Air Shows with the aroma of jet fuel,
and to top it off music’s soul and my family’s laughter,
from Star Wars to Star Trek, I can’t make up my mind on my favorite.
I am from a house where we watch Sci-Fi to the point of using quotes in our daily life,
We also listen to music to the point that we made a game out of it “name that tune,”

I am from hot, sweaty, exhausting Thursday afternoons practicing marching band,
followed by tiering, sticky Fridays if we have a game,
if we don’t, I still practice or help out my section with a challenging song.
I am from dedication putting myself in 110% to my passion of music,
to the point where the song’s soul speaks to me,

I am from the world of “what happens in the band room stays in the band room,”
Most people see band kids as the stereotypical “band geek,” but I don’t I see them as family.
I love my family and my band family we push each other to our limit then push a little more
I am from a house where we challenge and help each other learn and grow,
and if I fall I know I can rely on my family to catch me,

I am from Saturdays at church,
With the music playing and my heart beating in time and I will sing as if I am the lead cantor (I can’t sing in front of other people)
I like learning more about my religion, the historical side of it and vignettes not in the Bible.
I am from the house where church is important,
But not as much as each other and what we have going on in our daily life.

I am from a house that holds three people and a dog,
I have a family of three and I like it that way,
people might judge me quickly for the fact that I am an only child, but I wouldn’t change it
I am from a house with the plum colored door,
a house where I can be me.

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