Where I'm From

September 16, 2016

I grew up in a spacious pale yellow house,
with spectacle wearing brown haired parents
and three stooges.
I grew up in area where I met troublemakers and solvers
with broken arms, busted teeth, and bruised legs,
and imaginations I envy to this day.
I grew up excited and thrilled for the mighty yellow machine, 
with a sweeping smile on my face,
to convey me to the place that I relish and despise.

I live in a less spacious pale yellow house 
where my brothers are confined to their rooms,
and my parents are showing grey on top.
I live in a society with noisy and cheerful people,
where  there is Danger David, Drowsy Durst,
and Deceiving Dambeck.     
I live in a time
where a deafening noise wakes me up,
so I’m not late for seven hours of school and three hours of cross country.   

I hope to live in a spacious yellow home, 
which I share with ones I call my own,
and with the one I call my only one.
I hope I can relive the golden days,
which consist of horrendous nicknames like Kermit and Little Big C,
with those that are called Kermit and Little Big C.
I hope one day I can yell and shout (excited and thrilled),
which with I have an upward parabola on my face,
that I got my degree in finances from the University of Whitewater.

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